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No matter the event or audience, Leah delivers dynamic relevant keynotes and diverse panel discussion to bring new perspective & ideas to the audience; whether they are an organization, management, employee or someone ready to make big change. Prepare to be inspired, have your mind explode with ideas, and be given actionable steps to take immediate action. 

“Embracing change is only half of it. Leah challenges you to look forward so you are driving change in Your organization, and in yourself.”

“Education is Key, we know that, but offering relevant & valuable long term skills to graduates has never been expressed quite like this. Leah is only about action.”

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If it involves:
* The Future of Education
* Skills Labour Gap
* Future of Work
* Human vs Machine in Regards to Labour
* Preparing Youth Through Foundational Education
* Reduce Turnover Through “Smarter” Hiring
* Maintaining Individual Relevance in a “New” Economy
* Perspective Economics
* The Education “System”

Or what all of these topics mean for your Industry, your Business, your Employees, you as an Individual or our Youth, Leah would love to be a part of the discussion.