the human factor

can derail even the best

strategies in a company

Learn how to harness The Human Factor & accelerate your growth, instead of limiting it.

Humans Vs Machines

AI, Robotics and Technology have undoubtedly revolutionized how you do business today, but if the team you hired does not embody skills that can last and grow, and they don’t feel connected to their work, then you are losing money, momentum & opportunity.

In an age where employees are seeking something more from their work, how can your business develop a human approach & attract the RIGHT people, while still being efficient with company time, money & resources. 

Utilize Leah’s 15 years of Franchise Systems Development, and her ongoing research and innovation in Human Soft Skills Framework, to leverage the Human Factor within your organization. 

There doesn't have to be a "fine balance" between having a human focused organization, and being efficient with the company's time & money. Since people manage the systems, you can easily have both.

Leah’s session is one of the best sessions I’ve attended to date!"

Bring her back as a keynote! That hour went by extremely fast!"

Your Company, & Audience, Needs The Human Factor

What Audiences Have To Say

I probably got more out of this presentation than I've gotten from 90% of the others in general

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What is The Human Factor?

In a world filled with AI, Robotics and Technology, it’s time for us to get back to what makes us Human. 

Bring the most advanced human focused practices to your business and:

      • Save MASSIVE Company Time, Money & Resources
      • Increase Employee Fit & Fulfillment
      • Reduce Turnover & “Quiet Quitting”
      • Retain Teams Who Can Grow With Your Company
      • Build Momentum, Reduce Human Initiated Interruption

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