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Learning new concepts isn't enough. Your team needs tangible steps to help rewire their everyday habits in order to see new results

If you want your audience to take inspired action, and not just listen to a “thought leader” book Leah Coss for your next event.”

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"Leah was incredibly positive, upbeat, and easy to understand. I felt that the way she explained and pulled apart the complexity [of concepts], really made it easy for people of all ages and levels to understand!"
- Brock University Attendee

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Whether you are an educational institution or corporation, if you can support your team to "always be learning", then the possibilities are endless.

The content of this workshop is so timely and important! I’ve already incorporated many of the tips Leah provided into my daily work. Her energy made the workshop so engaging, as well!

- Brock University Attendee

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Immerse yourself in discussions with Leah on:
  • Building Trust and Connection Online
  • The Future of Education
  • The Skills-Labour Gap
  • The Future of Work
  • The Human-Technological Labour Divide
  • Preparing Youth Through Foundational Education
  • Reducing Turnover Through “Smarter” Hiring
  • Maintaining Relevance in a “New” Economy
  • Perspective Economics
  • The Education “System”

No matter where these topics land for you or your industry, business, and stage of life, Leah would love to be part of the next stage of your development!

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