What Did You Think Today
Would Look Like
Back in the Year 2000?

Automation, AI, The Future of Work, Big Data…
They Can Either Accelerate Your Business or Sink It

If you are not excited about the future of your business, then we need to talk. Name any industry and with a quick Google search, your mind will be Blown by the innovations available and how they could catapult you. New business opportunities are available today, if your eye is trained to see them. High Cost, Limited People & Elite Only Accessibility all used to be roadblocks to new & small businesses taking on the Giants in each industry. Today, if you or your business are falling  your competition, then it’s time to kick start your imagination and start taking action on resources that are at your fingertips. It’s Time to Embrace Change. It’s Time to Take Action.


What is the Future of Work & When Will It Start?

As she said in Poltergeist, They’re Here! Yup, we are living The Future of Work every day, but there is still so much more to come.

If “Embracing Change” is one of your Value Statements, it will soon become cliché. At this point, it is a mandate for survival; Survival not just for businesses & industry, but for individuals as well.

If you can embrace change and even seek it out, you will be fine. Resist Change, and it will have no mercy.

What Economy Are You Creating?

There is a lot of focus on the Macro Economics we are facing in way of increases in unemployment, resource depletion, trade deals and the cost of living. But did you know that your business has its own micro economy?

An economy can be influenced by it’s leaders for better or worse, but if you ignore its citizens, employees, you will soon see that the power is very much in their hands as well. Working together can produce more desirable & sustainable results.

Automation, AI & Big Data. Yes! It May Hurt a Little, If You Resist

Resistance is Futile, just ask a factory worker recently laid off or a receptionist who was just replaced by an iPad, or your local cashier who is now a computer screen at McDonalds. If you are just learning about this now, it could sound terrifying and have you clutching your pearls worrying about the future of your job. 

The reality is, we have more than enough jobs to go around and plenty of people to fill them. The problem we are all facing is, do we have the RIGHT people WITH the RIGHT skills to fill them. 

Working with change vs creating the change

Change is Hard, Just Ask
The Economy…

Discussion around change is big today, but in reality, it has always been a hot topic. There are always two opinions of change; those who love it and those who caution that it’s the end of the world. A less biblical, more WALL-E, like apocalypse. Ask anyone who owned a computer back in December, ’99. Emergency kits in ’99 were the pickaxes of the Gold Rush.

So what makes today so different and truly fascinating? 

Simple. Making Change that Affects the World is Accessible to Anyone. 

Change can be scary because our value to the economy can feel like it is being attacked. Automation, & Innovation in general, has developed a reputation of competing with jobs and putting good workers out of work. Is that true? It depends on who you ask, but I am always optimistic for the future, mainly because every year, a new group of individuals join the workforce, vote, and become decision makers, consumers and see “reality” through a new lens. No matter how bad any point of time looks, in any country in the world, if the next “group” of individuals joining the economy as an active member can be educated on critical thinking, have a habit of action, and embody empathy, there is always hope. With online connection, this is more true than ever. 

We are always just 10 years away from a fresh start and our youth are the key. This is why my focus and passion is dedicated to how we can allow the next generation to Adopt Essential & Practical Skills, Develop them through Conscious Awareness, and Practice them in a Safe & Supportive Environment through Experiential Learning. 

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