The Future is possible if youth are ready

Are You Ready for 2030? Let’s Hope Our Youth Are…

Working to build a village to protect our future

We are set with the task to prepare them for a future that is rapidly changing and that large scopes are unknown.

Students entering the education system today are going to graduate AFTER the year 2030. Let that sink in a minute.

Imagine what they will see during that time that impacts and inspires them. They won’t see just one “Moon Landing” experience in their lifetime, they will see many!

The idea of it is so exciting! But there is a question that keeps us up at night. A question that is not being answered and definitely not being addressed.

What are we teaching kids & youth NOW that is going to prepare them for their advanced future?

We can’t technically teach them the skills they will need as those haven’t been designed yet, and even if they were, technical skills become obsolete within 3-5 years, current time. 

It’s time to explore, test, develop and then practice the skills that are the one thing that humankind can offer that no machine or animal can duplicate. 

They are known as Soft Skills but we call them Critical & Essential Skills, and there are 89 of them. And the one that is most important in my opinion? Perspective. 

Do you have it?

The Future is What??

Meet Leah Coss

Educate our Kids, Save the world

Are You Ready for 2030? I wouldn’t know how to answer that. I mean, what will it look like, feel like and act like?

The thing is, Change is Here, the Future is Now and every other overused headline is absolutely accurate. Many still say they are not ready for the future, but it’s too late. It’s arrived and there is still SO much more to come.

Change can be scary, or exciting. Change can also be lucrative, or back breaking.

In general, as a group, futurists seem to spend their time on helping businesses & individuals stay relevant, overcome their resistance to change/tech and push forward into the future, but what about our kids???

Seriously, have we changed our approach to education & Career Prep, or are we still teaching them the same stuff we learned, in the same way, and just throwing a coding or STEAM course into some of the more “progressive” schools. 

Build a Biz Kids, non profit society, is focused on developing Essential Soft Skill Development in students 7-13 years through Entrepreneurship programming & real life experience. Helping students graduate high school feeling confident in their futures and abilities to make the world better is our driving force. 

Leah Coss is Co-Founder & President

The BBK Network is ensuring that practical & entrepreneurial education is accessible to all children, regardless of any social circumstances, through online, 2 way interactive online programming. 50% of Membership profits is used to purchase laptops & devices for kids who’s families cannot afford them.

Leah Coss is the Founder of the BBK Network.

The Fuel Academy is a supplementary education program for students,13-19yrs, that prepares them for graduation and their future impact on the world. Perspective Economics, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Gamification & Experiential Learning; Students Graduating from The Fuel Academy leave with tangible work & life experience and a habit of taking action on their ideas. 

Leah Coss is the Co-Founder & CEO.

Leah Coss has an extensive background in franchising & exponential growth strategies working for brands such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Chopra Yoga, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness and more. She is a professional speaker, business & career coach & advocate for relevant education for youth everywhere in the world.

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