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2020-2021 Canadian Red Cross Speaking Tour

Thanks to generous funding from the Canadian Red Cross Leah Coss has gone on a speaking tour across Canada providing amazing organizations. Through her workshop Leah provides tangible tips and tricks to building trust and connection with students, clients, and your team through her workshop. Leah has spoken to organizations such as Charity Village, Women’s Enterprise, SCWIST, Brock University, BCIT, and the Central Okanagan Teacher’s Association.

This tour is a project of Build a Biz Kids funded by the Canadian Red Cross

Although the primary focus was on fostering an environment that builds trust and engagement in online interactions, I really appreciated that Leah took the time to address how our self-perception directly impacts group, and one-on-one situations. Leah found a good balance between discussing (and exemplifying) the experiences of those we speak to and encouraging self-confidence, ultimately developing skills that result in comfortable online interactions for everyone.


Brock University

Thank you for speaking at the event by WEC. I really enjoyed learning about building trust and connection online and learned many useful Zoom tips.


Women's Enterprise Webinar

Leah’s session on how to build Trust and Connections online is one of the best sessions I’ve attended to date. She was engaging, fun, and I discovered a few tools that I have implemented into my workplace! I can’t rate Leah highly enough, thanks Leah!


Capilano University

I absolutely loved the session!  Leah was incredibly engaging and I learned a lot, both from the content she was sharing and how she was delivering the presentation.  I loved how she engaged with individuals by using their names, without putting them on the spot to speak or contribute in another way.  I will definitely use that technique to connect with individuals during virtual presentations and meetings moving forward.   I’m also much more aware of looking at the camera and how that helps to build a connection with the audience.  A simple trick with a big impact.  Thank you for sharing!


Brock University

I was among the audience watching your excellent Charity village, How to Build Trust & Connection session this morning and was most impressed. The information you provided is pertinent, relevant and useful. I will use the tools you offer to help minimize any Zoom burn out. Thank you


Charity Village Webinar

To be honest, for most presentations/workshops I am doing work at the same time, but I found myself drawn to Leah and what she was saying, and sharing. I in turn put my video on instead of a black screen, found myself looking into my camera and showing engagement (smiling/nodding) – all things that I know we should be doing and would be doing if in person, but this was a great nudge to CONNECT!


Lakehead University

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Ignited Entrepreneurs

You can find Leah on the Ignited Entrepreneurs podcast with Jessica Coulthard where they reconnect and discuss how to prepare kids for the future with the essential soft skills that they wished you had learned.

Her Story.

You can find Leah on the Her Story. podcast with Emily Mathison where they discuss Build a Biz Kids and BBK Network and the ways in which Leah is looking to change the way that we value people in our society beginning with taking a look into how we educate them.

Focus & Freedom Podcast

You can find Leah on the Focus and Freedom Podcast with Val Low where they discuss how to give 7-13 year olds 10-year head start on their education.

Build a Biz Kids, a registered charity, is focused on developing Essential Soft Skill Development in students 7-13 years through Entrepreneurship programming & real life experience. Helping students graduate high school feeling confident in their futures and abilities to make the world better is our driving force.

Leah Coss is Co-Founder & President

Connect With Students provides educators, coaches, advisors, and non-profits with professional development. Designed to give professionals tangible tips and tricks for communicating online through mediums such as Zoom. This project includes live events, seminars, and a course. Running 2020-2021 through funding from the Canadian Red Cross.

A project of Build a Biz Kids and Leah Coss

The BBK Network is ensuring that practical & entrepreneurial education is accessible to all children, regardless of any social circumstances, through online, 2 way interactive online programming. 50% of Membership profits is used to purchase laptops & devices for kids who’s families cannot afford them.

Leah Coss is the Founder of the BBK Network.

Leah Coss has an extensive background in franchising & exponential growth strategies working for brands such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Chopra Yoga, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness and more. She is a professional speaker, business & career coach & advocate for relevant education for youth everywhere in the world.

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