What Did You Think

Today Would Look Like

Back in the Year 2000?

Automation. A.I. The Future of Work. Big Data.
Developments Can Either Accelerate Your Business, or Sink It.

If you are not excited about the future of your business, then you may be letting fear motivate your business decisions.

Name any industry, and with a quick Google search, the developments already available that could catapult your business to the next level are at hand. High start-up costs, limited staffing, and elite-only accessibility to resources all used to be roadblocks to new and small businesses taking on the established "giants" in each industry.

If you feel you or your business are falling short of the competition, then it’s time to kick start your business development and take action today, with ready-made resources and connections easily accessible online.

It’s Time to Embrace Change. It’s Time to Take Action.

What is the Future of Work
& When Will It Start?

The Future of Work is already here, but there is still so much more to come.

If “Embracing Change” is one of your Value Statements, it will soon become cliché. At this point, it is a mandate for survival.

If you can not only embrace change, but embody it, you can come out ahead of the curve in terms of the future of work

What Economy Are
You Creating?

There is a lot of focus on the macroeconomics we are facing in way of increases in unemployment, resource depletion, trade deals and the cost of living.

But did you know that your business has its own micro economy?

Citizens and employees can control and influence changes on the ground floor, changing their future (and the future of others) from the ground up.

Working together can produce more desirable & sustainable results.

Automation, AI & Big Data.
Resistance is Futile.

Did you really think in your lifetime that a receptionist could be replaced by a small tablet, or a factory worker by an assembly line claw machine?

You haven't entered The Twilight Zone- society has simply failed to train the right employees in the right skillsets.

The reality is, we have more than enough jobs to go around and plenty of people to fill them. The issue at hand is making sure that society trains potential and future employees in skillsets that will be the most desirable twenty years down the road.

embracing CHANGE VS embodying CHANGE

Change is Hard- "Adulting" is too!

Discussion around change is big today. Whether it be the debate between a split model of working from home and in the office, the benefits of having an office space as a whole, or businesses have to navigate with at-home employees searching for more work-life balance, the world we're in today is constantly changing.

There tends to be two extremes when it comes to a reaction to change. Those who embrace the future wholeheartedly, and those who dig their heels in and double down on existing methods, claiming they've been the "standard for years" for a reason.

If the past few years have taught us anything as a society, nothing is "standard" about what the future may bring. We can allow change to occur and react to it, or we can be at the forefront, leading the charge and embodying change in a brave, new world.

So how do we embody that change into the future, for both ourselves and our children?

Simple. Embodying change is accessible to anyone, with the right tools.

Children are the Future:

Change can be scary because it can make current practices (and people) in companies feel obsolete.

Automation (and innovation), in general, has developed a reputation of competing with jobs rather than creating opportunities, and making employees in certain industries redundant.

But for every claim of redundancy, opportunity knocks. Every year, a new group of individuals join the workforce, vote, and make our society, and the consumer market more and more developed. No matter how uncertain the future may seem, if the next wave of individuals joining the economy become active members of society that can be educated in critical thinking, proactiveness, and embodying empathy, the future always has possibilities to claim.

With the power of online connectivity, this is more true than ever.

We are always just 10 years away from a fresh start, and our youth are the key. This is why Leah's focus and passion is dedicated to how we can have the next generation to develop essential and practical human-based skills, develop these skills through conscious awareness, and practice them in a safe and supportive environment through experiential learning.


Meet Leah coss


Is your child ready for 2030?

You've probably seen the headlines. Change is Here. The Future is Now.

One thing that is inarguable is that the future is change.

Change can be scary, or exciting. Change can also be lucrative, or back breaking.

Futurists, by the virtue of their name, often seem to spend their time on looking towards keeping businesses and individuals relevant in changing times, overcoming a resistance to technology and the future as a whole.

But where does this leave our kids?

By relying on old methods of career preparation and education, we are setting our children to be behind in the race to the future from the start. One coding or STEM course that will be outdated by 2030 will not make the different in making your child ready for the future- critical thinking skills, skills irreplaceable by technology and artificial intelligence, and "human skills" are truly the way forward.

What our children should learn:

We are set with the task to prepare children for a future that is rapidly changing, and that is largely unknown.

Students entering the education system today are going to graduate AFTER the year 2030. Let that sink in a minute.
Imagine what they will see during that time that impacts and inspires them. Think of the differences between 1990 and 2020- cassette players to entire smartphones that fit in your pocket, the internet not even existing, to being a necessity for daily communication, more activewear than you know what to do with (well, some things never change!).

The idea of what could present itself in the next two decades is so exciting for kids, but daunting for parents. What are we teaching kids & youth NOW that will prepare them for the rapid-fire developments of the future?

Skills children will need by the time they enter their chosen industry haven't been designed yet. Technical skills they may learn today will become obsolete within three to five years time.

It’s time to explore, test, develop and practice skills that no machine or animal can duplicate.

Colloquially known as "soft skills," we like to refer to these skills as "human skills." Not only are we focused on building better kids, but also building better humans, who can tackle real-life scenarios head on, and are able to adapt and refine their interpersonal skills to any scenario that presents itself in the near future.

Are your kids ready?

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